Guayusa in the Media

  • Ecuador’s “Superleaf” Tea: Could It Replace Your Afternoon Coffee?

    The National Geographic
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  • Channing Tatum's Energy Secret: An Amazonian Leaf That 'Brings the Force of the Jungle Inside You'

    ABC News
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  • Californian health gurus are often looking for beneficial coffee alternatives and this South American superfood could very well be it. 

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  • An effort in Ecuador might point the way to a more sustainable future for the rainforest and people

    Scientific American
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  • "There, underneath the straw roof with the forest behind my back, I take a sip. The beverage is slightly bitter—just enough for my liking. It is most reminiscent of black tea, but without the astringent note. It's also lighter and a tad more floral. Within seconds I feel a slow rush of energy."

    Vice News
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