• "I used to love coffee for years and then green tea but they both gave me nausea after drinking them for any time at all and I really missed my caffeine fix. Since I started drinking Guayusa months ago, thanks to Nú Infusions, I've found the flavour really fresh and delicious... And no more nausea just a great caffeine buzz! THANK YOU!"

  • "I'm a tea/herbal tea lover, and sadly coffee is just too strong for my stomach. Guayusa has this nice kick good in the morning. I have the pure version. The first sip I associate it to yerba mate but then the blend of taste is very different and complex.

    I'm really liking it and even more for how they grow it. We should only buy products that promote sustainable farming like this one."

  • "Just as described - rich & full-bodied - gets you feeling alert without the jitters, and the scent of cinnamon --- divine!

    On top of that, Conor was really helpful and responsive to questions.

    Fab all around :-)"

Guayusa in the Media

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  • Californian health gurus are often looking for beneficial coffee alternatives and this South American superfood could very well be it. 

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  • An effort in Ecuador might point the way to a more sustainable future for the rainforest and people

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  • "There, underneath the straw roof with the forest behind my back, I take a sip. The beverage is slightly bitter—just enough for my liking. It is most reminiscent of black tea, but without the astringent note. It's also lighter and a tad more floral. Within seconds I feel a slow rush of energy."

    Vice News
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